17th April 2013

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attempt #1 at the Bajoran nose prosthetic

my biggest problem with it is that the edge could be a lot smoother, so I sanded down the lip of the mold a lot more and we’ll see how that goes. I think I might make another one with fewer ridges and more space between the ridges,because it didn’t bend to fit my nose very well >.>

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    WHAT DID YOU MAKE THIS WITH DO YOU HAVE TUTORIALS EEEEP I tried making one with liquid latex and another with two part...
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    Love it~ Just needs a few less ridges I think, and a smoother edge - can that be covered up with make-up though? I’d...
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    this is so cool! the only thing i have found to help with edges is after it’s spirited on I put some more wet latex on...
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    You are right about the edges, but other than that is look so amazing and you look so amazing and you just look...
  7. therapsid said: Dude that looks awesome!
  8. itsybittsy said: you could probably smooth and blend the ridges with spirit gum and foundation
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